Dealing With Death

September 17, 2018 by Elizabeth Ruthmansdorfer

This is a post more to the other professionals who deal with death and dying in a professional setting than to my current or potential clients.  I have been practicing for 15 years as an attorney and have had many, many clients pass away.  Death still hits me hard.  I very rarely cry anymore when a client dies, but always feel a hole in my heart.  I hope I always do.  It is this vulnerability that keeps a professional “real” to his or her clients.  What we professionals fail to do, however, is take a moment to grieve our clients.  I believe this is what builds up the crusty heard-heartedness and inability of professionals to be relatable over time.  I encourage you to take 5 minutes after the death of a client.  Close the door.  Turn off the phone.  Give that client and your heart 5 minutes to celebrate the delicate and fleeting nature of life.  Be thankful for your own life.  Be thankful for the relationship with that client and the privilege you were given to be part of their life.  Tears are not necessary, but can be cleansing, but an acknowledgement of the reality of life and death and our part in the preparation and planning for it, is.