Serving our clients effectively and efficiently is the highest priority for all of the attorneys at Moertl, Wilkins & Campbell, S.C.

Client Guarantees

  • We will promptly return client calls.
  • During our normal office hours of 8:00am to 12:00 and 12:30 to 4:30pm, you will always get a live person answering your phone call.
  • We will travel throughout southeastern Wisconsin to visit clients, if they can’t come to us.
  • We will offer our clients free quarterly mailings featuring a variety of legal topics as well as estate planning, elder law, or Moertl, Wilkins & Campbell news.
  • We will provide offers for speaking engagements on topics related to estate planning and elder law for any organization at no cost.
  • We will offer free continuing legal education for our clients on a regular basis.

Client Kind words and positive results from past clients

Attorney Stephen Lasky was hired to organize and straighten out the extraordinarily complex issues facing my elderly father, who lives in the Mequon area. I live on the west coast of the United States, and I monitored and assisted the process where possible, getting a full view of Mr. Lasky’s extraordinary handling of the process. The situation was further complicated by the fact that my Dad’s wife is fully incapacitated by a stroke, and requires full time care in a facility. Mr. Lasky handled all the issues related to getting my stepmother on Title 19, including the Medicaid application and guardianship court appearances, complete organization and establishing proper structure of my father’s finances, and structuring my father’s Will, which included creating a complex trust to deal with issues related to his wife and self, and heirs. He addressed many other issues as well. He and I have communicated across country many times, and his patience and skill in making complex issues understandable and manageable, is remarkable. He is thorough, thoughtful and highly skilled. He follows through on everything he says. He has made a nightmarish situation into a well organized structure, and has been a personal pleasure to deal with along the way. I most highly recommend him, without reservation.

– Bob G.

“We have been pleased to work with Attorney Terry L Campbell of Moertl, Wilkins and Campbell, S.C. for many years. Attorney Campbell has prepared our estate documents as well as our annual tax filings. He always returns our phone calls and emails promptly and answers our questions completely. Attorney Campbell has consulted with other attorneys to give us thoroughly researched recommendations. We are confident that our legal affairs have been handled professionally. Attorney Campbell and all of his office staff have always been very friendly and courteous. We would highly recommend Attorney Terry L Campbell for your estate and tax planning needs.”

– Paul and Lori C.

“Our experience with Moertl, Wilkins & Campbell has been positive and reassuring in all legal matters.  Business transactions have been handled professionally and efficiently and inquiries have been answered quickly.  It has been particularly helpful to receive periodic information regarding estate planning and other information concerning changes in the federal tax code.

Attorney Stephen Lasky has always been readily available and knowledgeable.”

– Marlene & Charles M.

“My wife and I consider the work done by Moertl, Wilkins and Campbell, S.C., through Attorney Stephen Lasky, to have been exceptional.  We first enlisted the firm to help us with an inheritance case which involved a trust and ultimately involved an out of state farm real estate sale and then asked for help in setting up our own estate and trust.  Atty. Lasky and the staff at Moertl, Wilkins and Campbell were at all times courteous and professional and a pleasure to deal with.  Their work was top notch and timely and they adapted very well to the unexpected and out of the ordinary.

We would enthusiastically recommend Atty. Lasky and Moertl, Wilkins and Campbell, S.C., to anyone who might need legal services.”

– David & Yvonne F.

“I wish to express my gratitude for the service I received at Moertl, Wilkins and Campbell, S.C., law firm.  My brother recently passed and I came in contact with Attorney Steve Lasky of the firm through a referral. My case was quite complicated and no preparations had been made previous to the death.

Mr. Lasky took over and completely solved all the problems that arose. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing to have their case resolved in an honest manner.
Thank you for the professional service”

– Linda S.

“I was fortunate to have the Moertl, Wilkins and Campbell, S.C. law firm administer my cousin’s estate.  I now realize this is best left in the hands of professionals who do this for a living.  Dealing with the estate would have been the most stressful year of my life and I (and my family) was glad to be spared that.

I was particularly fortunate to have Attorney Steve Lasky as the personal representative to administer my cousin’s estate. Steve had a calm, business-like manner and at the same time was very thoughtful. He kept me informed of his dealings on almost a weekly basis, by both mail and e-mail, which is what I preferred. He was extremely thorough in tracking down accounts, paying debts, liquidating assets while skillfully and tactfully dealing with some difficult situations.  He was very efficient with his billed time and expenses. I would highly recommend Attorney Stephen Lasky”

– Rich M.