Tax Planning & Preparation

Everyone knows that they need to file personal federal and state income tax returns – but did you know that trusts and estates can be subject to income taxation as well? Do you know about the federal estate tax (sometimes referred to as the “death tax”), or the gift tax, and are you confident that your estate plan is structured in a way that will minimize the impact of these taxes on you and your family?

Income, estate and gift tax considerations are an integral part of the estate planning process. Our attorneys have the tax knowledge necessary to help our clients structure their estate and wealth transfer plans in the most tax efficient way possible. We know that you have worked hard for your money, and we are committed to limiting your tax liabilities to the greatest extent possible so that as much of your money as possible remains with you and your family!

Our attorneys can help clients implement a myriad of estate and tax planning techniques designed to achieve their estate planning objectives in a way that limits their income, estate and gift tax exposure. Some of these techniques are relatively basic, such as proper coordination of beneficiary designations on tax-deferred retirement accounts and including credit-shelter provisions in married couples’ revocable trusts. Other techniques are more complicated and in-depth, such as irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) and grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATs). We take pride in our ability to learn about each client’s unique situation and objectives, and then tailor a plan appropriate to the client’s needs and goals.

In addition to helping clients with their estate and tax planning needs, we regularly prepare for clients:

1. Federal and state personal income tax returns
2. Fiduciary income tax returns (these are the income tax returns for trusts and estates)
3. Estate tax returns
4. Gift tax returns

We would welcome the opportunity to impress you with our professional, timely and cost-effective tax preparation services – contact an experienced tax planning and preparation attorney at Moertl, Wilkins & Campbell, S.C. today!